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The ICS Italian Capers Sud srl produces, manufactures and commercializes the capers since 1981 in Lipari in the splendid Aeolian Islands. It was born from the will of traders who have capitalized and consolidated a long experience in the preserved-food field. From its constitution, the activity of the society is characterized by its fidelity to a great principle: the quality, that is expressed in every step of the production process from the careful techniques of cultivation, collection, selection, to the rigorous controls during the packaging and a punctual service to the customers.
The company has a new and modern plant with technologically advanced equipments and systems that allow her to guarantee and maintain a high standard of quality to her products which main characteristics are an unmistakable genuineness, pleasant flavours and a peculiar aroma.
The company is equipped of the Self-control Plan HACCP, Traceability system and is certified Biological.

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